Friday, 18 July 2014

Walks around Wellsford - sights I've seen this week

This week it's been freezing cold in the mornings, too nippy for me to get out and walk my dog like I usually do so instead I've been walking around Wellsford during my lunchtime - here's a few of the things I've seen:

This lovely art deco stucco home along the main road of Rodney Street - the owners have looked after it well by the look of it.

Kiwiana artwork along the fence of Wellsford Kindergarton - very colourful for where children play inside.

Wellsford Rsa with a pot of red vibrant pansies next to the entrance way - makes a colourful scene in the middle of winter.

Another lovely well restored house - this one in Batten Street is so pretty! It's been lovingly looked after and well preserved - looks like a large house too!

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