Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thankful for my winter blessings...

I was tagged on facebook by a friend to take part in 3 days of blessings - here are some of the things I'm thankful for:

  • That I live in such a lovely part of NZ, it's fresh, clean, has at least 3 beaches near by: Mangawhai surf beach, Langs Beach and Te Arai.
  • That I can pay my rent, bills and provide food for my teens every week.

  • My family who have always been a huge source of support for us. Life is not always easy being a single parent of 3 teenagers so it's good to have them nearby.
  • My warm bed and my electric blanket.
  • The sun outside that has been here since the last 2 storms we had recently.
  • Fun I had over the weekend with my youngest taking silly photos.
  • And lastly I'm thankful for.....coffee and chocolate - they make everything better sometimes!
Wanna share yours?


  1. Hi there
    I'm thankful for cameras and photographs - I've enjoyed looking through your great photos and many others on blogs, Pinterest etc.

    Books and writers - for all that I've learned, laughed, been challenged and inspired.

    The people of Rotorua - We've lived in Rotorua for just over a year and people are so friendly here, I guess that goes for many NZers in general.

    Our neighbour's cat - She often comes to visit and is such a character and so affectionate.

    Cafes - A hot drink in the company of others always cheers me up, I'm thankful there is no shortage of cafes to explore in the land of the flat white.

  2. hello curious kiwis, thank you for your comment. I'm with you on the cameras and photos plus cafes, love your list :-)

  3. Thats a great list to be thankful for.

    I'm thankful for my health and being alive. I could have easily died in 2012, I was very ill.

    I'm thankful God spared my life and I'm thankful I have the ability to capture the beauty of His creation.

    I like the image of the gull on the post above.



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