Sunday, July 27, 2014

Candelabra and Candles at Bianca's Cafe - Kaiwaka

If there's one thing I love using over winter it's scented candles - my favourites are Vanilla and Cinnamon. I have quite a few of them on Candelabras around my house.  This spectacular one is in Bianca's Café in Kaiwaka, in fact the whole interior is decorated in similar themes with others on various tables along with some lovely old fashioned elements.

This place is lovely to meet the girlfriends throughout the year but especially winter. Sometimes we will meet at the Frog n Kiwi Restaurant here in Mangawhai other times we will meet here at Bianca's. There's nothing like a good gasbag and a catchup over a great cup of coffee.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Amy. Like you, I visit our local Bistro to meet friends. We meet every Friday morning, which is also market day in our nearest little town. I wouldn't miss it for the world - we have such a lovely time and are such good friends.

  2. hi weaver of grass, thanks for your comment :-)

  3. It's amazing how a simple smell can have so much connected to it! I love vanilla, too.



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