Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A storm from hell here in Northland

Since yesterday Northland and parts of the Kaipara have been bombarded by what we've called "a storm from hell". It's wreaked alot of damage around certain areas - thankfully here in Mangawhai we retained our power and didn't come off too bad. I did hear the fire brigade siren go off 3 times though so whether it was a car accident or flooding who knows.

This is some of the damage I witnessed on the way to work this morning - trees in various places lying across the main road. In some places there were apparently road slips.

This was Mangawhai village this morning when I dropped some books off at the library. Very windy and still raining. We're all hoping the storm will ease off tonight and hopefully we'll have some fine winter weather come the weekend.


  1. Glad you are ok up there. Storms like that can be quite disconcerting.

  2. There was quite a bit of damage done in some of the surrounding towns but we were quite fortunate nothing major happened here.



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